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Tomaz Berisa

Tomaz Berisa, PhD

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Joe Pickrell, PhD

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Kaja Wasik, PhD

Frequently asked questions

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Which technology do you use to sequence my DNA?

The high-level technical description is that we’re running an ultra-low-coverage genome sequencing assay on the Illumina platform. The exact sequencing specs are variable across runs, but we’re generally in or near the range suggested by Pasaniuc et al. (2012) of 0.1–0.5x genome coverage

Will I have access to my raw data?

Most definitely. We will provide aligned sequencing reads in .bam format.

How long will it take to get my results?

We currently estimate it will take [loading current estimate...] from when your kit is returned to Gencove.

Do you ship outside the US?

Unfortunately we do not yet ship outside of the US, though we hope to in the future.

Where can I find a downloadable version of the privacy policy and consent document?

There are links to both at the bottom of this page ↓

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